all I can say is read your paperwork you bunch of cry babies. maybe if you did that you would not have to be complaining all the time about *** s***pay your bills pay attention to what you're signing no one forces you to use payday loan. plain and simple. Read before you sign anything.

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To Waynesville Anonymous- As soon as I read your post I could not let it go without commenting. Let me ask you a simple question.

Were you not the one that asked for some type of relief product from Check Smart; a payday loan, or other type of loan/product they offer? Did you use the funds they gave you for your own purposes & needs, as you saw fit? Did you sign the documents, as they requested? If you, in fact, did all of these things, please explain to us how THEY (Check Smart) helped you get into this mess.

Better yet, please explain how you are able to actually convince yourself that they are the villain and you are the victim. I cannot for the life of me see how it can possibly be their fault for your troubles, when they are only involved in your life because you asked for their help!

Perhaps living a life where you accept responsibility for your own actions, refraining from the self-defeating and erroneous belief system that portrays you always as the victim of circumstances, and contributing to society in a healthy way instead of being a burden by clogging up the court systems and furthering the sad notion that we are a litigious society now more than ever before, would have prevented you from being in any kind of financial "mess" to begin with. Quite a simple model for living.

to You_Are_Your_Own_Worst_Enemy #1425167

Everyone knows that payday loans are just a legal form of loan sharks. They prey on innocent people by casting out a life line then attaching a huge interest rate on it. Just an FYI; the fact that you use a good vocabulary during your beration indicates a lack of actual morals.

Waynesville, Missouri, United States #1223701

Great comment. Where do they post their bankruptcy rules?

I filed bankruptcy middle of one month. Money withdrawn next month. DOES CHECKSMART READ BANKRUPTCY RULES. Bankruptcy lawyer says, no problem.

We will prevail. Michigan State Rep and State Senator are being contacted. Pay my bills?

Check Smart helped get me in the mess.


Well Detroit, you sound like one of the heartless people mentioned. FYI, not everybody who looks for relief from unforeseen financial difficulties is a deadbeat!

I have worked in customer service over 30 years and see corporate screw ups all the time, so don't judge people so quickly.


I'm sure you must be one of their employees. This companies philosophy is to be rude, interrupt as soon as the customer starts speaking and then argue and threaten the customer until the customer gives up.

Even when a customer is trying to pay their bill and take care of their account with this company, it's still the same behavior. So even though you have derogatory things to say about payday loans and these customers, they are really the ones that allow you to have a pay check. With skills like that you couldn't get a job any where else any way.

So maybe you and this company should rethink your behavior towards these customers. There are other payday loans out there and they don't have to use your company.

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