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Checksmart is the most unprofessional company I have ever come into contact with! Their employees are rude and believe that screaming and hanging up the phone in the middle of a conversation is customer service.

I will never go to checksmart and strongly suggest no one else does either.

My experience was with Dan Perry who works for corporate Checksmart. I don't know anyone who works in a corporate enviroment to acts so childish. I have no idea how Dan Perry got this job because he does not deserve it.

At first I felt bad for him because his job has made him so bitter. After being hung up on the second time I realized that he was probably the short/fat kid in high school who still hasn't got over it yet. Dan, I hope years of treating people the way you were treated when you were younger makes you feel better about your shortcomings.

Maybe one day you will grow up!

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filing a complaint with the attorney generala company like this shouldn't be in business.


employee and manager decided that the did not want to service me anymore so they lied about their policies i call three other businesses and the policies had not changed.what makes this even better is that she told me to go to any other place but there.sounds like they dont want any customersso lets make enough complaints so they dont have any businessabout to start a petition and a blog about this particular branch asive never been treated so poorly by a business in my entire life.


I also had an experience with this Dan Perry. I was trying to get informed and all he cared about was collecting and wouldn't listen. Very rude and I'm not the one who stiffed them it was someone else.

Sacramento, California, United States #783609

My identity was stolen, i got a letter from lawyers trying to sue me for the amount that i owe. I went to a branch to clear it up, since they take pictures of the customers, i was able to explain that it wasn't me who cashed checks there, and it was cleared up.

I was told to call corporate office and got hung up on. I think it was Dan Perry.


Checksmart took over $700 out of my acct without my permission! They were only supposed to take $254.

When I called and faxed my information to get my refund I had the displeasure of speaking to Chad in the refunds department who is the rudest person I've EVER come into contact with in my life. I will NEVER deal with this so called company again.


Funny people complain, yet you enter the business because YOU need assistance :)


Here's the ownership and corporate information:

James Frauenberg II, President

His son is also an executive

Diamond Energy is also a partner

It is a privitely held company

Address: 7001 Post Road, Suite 200, Dublin OH 43016

Phone: 614-798-5900

Fax: 614-798-5921

I sugeest anyone that has had or does have an issue with Checksmart flood their mail box, phone line and fax line with their complaint over and over again completely locking up their systems.

I doubt James Frauenberg II cares if his employees are rude. I'm sure he's well aware of it and in fact greatly supports it. This kind of behavior is trained from the top down.

File compliants with your state's Attorney General offices, the Better Business Burea, and any other agency you can think of to get this kind of business put out of business legally in your state and across the country.

If you happen to live near Dublin go in to the office in person with a video camera and record your complaints and conversation with them----or call them from your cell phone and let them know you are taping the conversation and then send the recording to the Attorney General, the BBB, and even credit reporting agencies as evidence.

Unfortunately it's not against the law to be rude but it is against the law to not communicate with you (i.e. hang up on you) if you are trying to work with them in a professional manner and they do nothing on their end to reciprocate but yell and hang up.

to Digging Deeper #1431594

Don’t worry it won’t be long they will force companies like this out. People will do whatever it takes to survive, so they run to the easiest thing they can think of.

That’s why you see one in every block. What they are doing is practically illegal, so if anyone has a payday loan out they don’t have to repay them legally speaking. If I was to ever get a payday loan I would pay them back in whatever amount of time that was comfortable to me. There’s nothing they can do.

Well they can call and act like they are able to, but that’s about it. Read the law people. Know your rights. These places are vultures and treat people horrible.

You would be better off finding a loan shark if it was legal. Get it?


I went there to cash a check because my bank was closed, and the check that was wrote to me bounced, so they called me threatening to take me to jail, and their calling the police...OMgoodness Next time I will wait until my bank opens..


Yeah they are very rude. I got to deal with Tom and he's quite an hole.


*** all you loan shark ***


Went in to get out a check, AFTER they cashed it they told me there was a $55 Debt on my account from 2004... I told them I already paid this debt, as I had went through them before..

She said it takes the money off of there automatically and pays it THEN HOW IN THE *** COULD IT STILL BE THERE, IF I CASH MY CHECKS REGULARLY(SINCE 2009 WTF) They are extremely *** retarded. Do NOT ever use them.

To this *** day, the debt is still on there... Some kind of *** scam for there regular customers.

No longer.


had the pleasure of dealing with Dan Perry today! He is the rudest person on the planet!

I own a business and sometimes bring checks and money orders to Checksmart to cash on Sundays or after work hours...which is convienient. I received a call fron the store that one of the checks I brought in was returned. They gave me the name and copy of this check and gave me time to contct that person. I contacted her and she said her check did in fact clear.

Soooooo I go back to the store with my clients bank statement and copy of the cleared check! The store called the corporate office and again they say her check was rerurned and even faxed over another copy of the check. Still annoyed I went to my client's bank to get some kind of manager to straighten this out. Finally...4 days later they tell me it was the other check that I brought in that was returned!

The people in the store were very polite and were only doing what the corporate office told them to do. The store apologized for their corporate office mistake and gave me until Friday to contact the correct person that wrote the check. Today after finally getting the right check that didn't clear I get a call from Dan Perry demanding I pay now or have a $100 check "slapped" on my credit report! I tried to explain ro him the situation and he got even more upset saying I was refusing to pay!

I clearly was not...just simply not going to pay for a check that did actually clear! He yelled over and over and even hung up on me. I called back to speak with someone other than him and they transferred me to him again! ...and again he would not listen and said I was refusing to pay...and hung up on me again!

I called back a third time to speak to his supervisor and while talking with this lady he jumps on the phone AGAIN and starts yelling and hangs up the phone! I have never in my life dealt with a rude and childish customer service rep like Dan Perry.

He really needs to evalute his career choice and take a few training classes. He should be fired before someone actually takes him serious.


checksmart are usually employees who hate their life usually an know their company is preying on poor people.i think they only get paid no more then 8 dollars an hour.threatening 2 take somebody 2 jail over 230 dollars is absurd an it cant happen it is illegal we live in the united states THEY CANT TAKE U 2 JAIL.but your credit will be destroyed forever.


all of you complaining are sore losers. you borrow!

you have to pay! It's like somebody gave you money and you agreed to pay in 2 weeks and now you broke that agreement. You better have a *** of a reason and even that is not checksmart's problem..... sorry thats just how life is......dont come and take money if you cant pay.

Because when you dont pay checksmart empoyees dont get paid. Stop being selfish *******s.

and we all got problem, even Dan im sure has financial problems....NOT JUST YOU. LIfe does not revolve around you

to s***y lady Columbus, Ohio, United States #740946

I was not a customer of checksmart. A friend of mine had put me as a reference on his paperwork.

I neither approved, nor took part in the agreement. When my friend defaulted on his contract they began calling and harrassing me. I asked to be taken off their phone list, and the man.. A mr "keys" told me too bad, we will continue to call you everyday.

He called me an ***, and accused me of covering for my friend. He demanded personal info about my friend, like adress and where he works, but refused to even tell me he represented checksmart. After me calling repeaditly i found out it was checksmart. I did not agree to anything, nor sign anything.

I am not a part of this problem AT ALL, and yet i have recieved many rude threatening phone calls. So these checksmart peices of *** are not just harrassin people who defaulted on loans.

Its not my problem that my buddy owes them money. Its important for people to make these reviews to alert people about this type of behavior, because im sure wen u sign a cpntract with them, it doesnt say that u will be insulted or your friends and family will be harrassed.

to s***y lady #885934

shut yo *** *** up sounding like the police

to s***y lady #1425617

The employees get paid regardless. You obviously have no class.

You talk like a two bit whore. Just a little FYI; life happens. People lose jobs and get sick.

Sometimes it makes it hard to make a payment. Quit being a water retaining sea cow!


I agree with Blue....the same exact thing happened to me by the same person and another supervisor! Yup, I've been hung up on and treated so badly by them! It's horrible the way they treat people!!


Wow...people should never be rude. Numerous attempts at contacting someone is not an excuse to be rude. People ignore calls because they know the person on the other end is going to be rude from "hello”! I have never refused to answer a call from Check Smart, I'm the one who initiates the calls and all I get is rude, mean and downright nasty attitudes accusing me of not wanting to pay a debt!

That's not true, I want to pay, I just can't pay it all at once. I have had phone encounters with the people at "corporate" and every "supervisor" I have spoken with has screamed at me, yelled at me, called me a liar, demanded money and threatened to turn me over to collections and put it on my credit report!

Well, all I can say is their dumb, because they are the collections department and every collections department I have ever dealt with will allow you to make payment arrangements!

I also know that they will lose money if they turn the accounts over to a secondary collections company. Once they turn the accounts over they cannot collect on the debt anymore.

They refuse to accept a payment from me. All I wanted to do is make payment arrangements. I could see them having a problem with my request if I did it all the time, but I don't! I just happen to run into a financial hardship this month!

I have never had someone treat be so badly! Every time I tried to speak I was cut off! I have nothing good to say about Check Smart Corporate! Check Smart Corporate employs some of the rudest people on the planet! I do know their names, but I have chosen to leave them out for fear. They put themselves on a pedestal, and they need to watch the legs because someone is going to knock them off one day! They are not better than me or anyone else!

Also, I have requested the contact information of the Check Smart CEO and the Insight CEO and all I was given is the standard number for Check Smart Corporate where they have caller ID and put you on hold! They refuse to give me the information I requested!

If I ever get the chance to speak with the CEO’s, or e mail them, I will mention all of the names of the horrible representatives /supervisors they have working for them and inform them of the way I'm being treated.

I also plan to inform the BBB of the Check Smart Corporate supervisor's bad attitudes, rudeness and horrible collection tactics and threats!

If anyone reading this has an address, CEO names and or phone numbers of Check Smart Corporate and Insight please post them and I will check back later.

Thanks, and try to stay away from Check Smart!! Have a great day!

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