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Review about Checksmart Payday Loan from Peculiar, Missouri 2 of 3 people found it helpful
I got a payday loan of $400 but with the fees the payback amount was close to $600. When I went in to make my first payment they told me cash only but they had an atm (for my convenience) and the fee was outrageous to use it. So I payed less than I wanted to because Ijust usd the cash I had. Came in two weeks later, paid my remaining balance abd two days later they still tried to pull it from my account. when I called the store they said I had...
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I am very angry about your payday loan policy of maintaining a portion on an Insight prepay card. I did not want this. I asked about charges and the teller who assisted my transaction assured me in would not aquire charges to spend my own money. I did pay back my loan before due date as per my agreement obligations, I would expect Checksmart using a third party entity to do the same for their customers. I was charges and will continue to be...
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I talked to your customer office with two different people. Both of your customer service assossiates were the rudest people i ever talked to. The people at your blue springs missouri location lied to me and said they would hold my loan until the following day which was december 24th. I talked to them at 9:21 am and was told it could be held. The next day i was then informed that my loan had been sent threw at 8:00pm the same day i talked to...
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